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Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True

Like a Disney movie or a fairytale – dreams really do come true. How do I know? Well, because I am living a fantasy of my own. Take a mixture of the two things you really love – perfume and jewelry. Then imagine that one day you will have an opportunity to create your ideal brand combining your two favorite things. For me, that part of the dream has come true.

Every day I am overwhelmed by the amount of positive comments that come through about Perfumed Jewelry; the stories, the fragrances and the memories. I am so thankful to the beautiful children who buy them for their mothers, the sisters, the boyfriends, the lovers and the husbands many of whom you have to ‘hit over the head’ with subtle hints about what you would like to be ‘surprised’ with. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined the feeling of being out and about and seeing someone wearing one of our creations.

If I could bottle that feeling I would. 

The initial daydream started as a little girl, looking into my mother’s jewelry box. Let me assure you there wasn’t much jewelry in there. No crown jewels that’s for sure!  

However, what was in there was perfume, the fragrance I can still remember today - lavender to be precise. As a 10 year old, I remember having this vivid memory: ‘wouldn’t it be great if you could put perfume in your jewelry’. Back then I remember it as a whisper of a thought. Over the years I have always been obsessed with perfume. As I have grown so has my love of fragrance and the whisper of Perfumed Jewelry became louder.

After years of putting the dream off, whether it was due to my husband, children or work, the whisper suddenly turned into a shout and I knew it was time for a change. Life can sometimes give you great reasons to start listening to your inner dreams. Circumstances like realizing that you are unhappy in your current job or career while hearing the negative comments only strengthen your resolve.  These are the realizations – the fact that we are here to listen to our whispers before they get to a shout.

Through this new experience of following my dreams, I have been taken to amazing places with incredible people already and we are just getting started! My dreams never included visiting some of the world’s best jewelry shows in Hong Kong or Bangkok. The dream never included seeing diamonds, so brilliant, luminous and perfect that just the mere sight of them brings tears to your eyes. My dream was never this good, if it was, I wouldn’t have taken so long to follow it.

As I write this blog, part of this message is to call on any readers, even if it is just one, if you have that dream or whisper, please follow it -  it’s what you are a here for and I truly believe that.

Now for the best part - the dream keeps going. In fact, it keeps getting bigger. I have a vision of Perfumed Jewelry becoming as big as Pandora and the like. We are growing every day, this month we will re-launch our solid gold pendants in 10 carat Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold with Platinum and Diamonds to follow.

Before Christmas we will be expanding our range into Bracelets and Earrings – all perfumed, of course.  My next dream is to have every woman in the world with a piece of Perfumed Jewelry. It’s a big dream but I know for sure that dreams really do come true. xx


Lots of love Renee