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Due to the ongoing effects of COVID19 please allow additional time for Express Post in Australia. Please allow 3-4 weeks for international deliveries. Thank you for your understanding and patience. I am so grateful to be able post a little bit of happiness around the world everyday, especially at this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to contact me via Facebook Messenger it is the quickest way to chat and I just love to talk about perfume and jewelry!

THANK YOU for making my dream come true!

xx renee,

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


How long does it take for my order to be dispatched/delivered?

We ship same day as ordering from our Brisbane, Australia office via Australia Post Express eCommerce. Please not due to the effects of COVID19 we are experiencing delivery delays. As a guide allow 1 week for anywhere in Australia and 3 weeks for International orders outside of Australia but please be advised there is nothing we can do to speed this process up other than dispatch your order within 24 hours of order which we do. Thank you for your understanding.

You will receive your tracking number to monitor delivery progress - via Email but also on Facebook Messenger, and have the pleasure of receiving a complimentary gift wrapped product at your door


Internet Security

Perfumed Jewelry is proud to be hosted on the Shopify platform and highly value our eCommerce Security. Take look at the address bar above this page, you should see a 'lock' representing encrypted transactions.. this is bank level security and certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliance.

We accept all Major credit cards, plus PayPal, Apple Pay and Afterpay


The price changed at Checkout - why?

We transact in Australian dollars. We use a currency converter to convert our Australian price into your home currency. We convert to all major currencies so its easy to understand our pricing. When you purchase however, you are charged exactly in Australian dollars.


Can I pay instalments on my Perfumed Jewelry purchase?

Yes only for Australian customers at the moment. Select: Afterpay.

I am working on providing an Instalment option for my NZ, UK & US customers and I will update as soon as I can find an awesome solution.


Verified Product Reviews

We subscribe to a review service called Yotpo that automatically selects random orders and requests the customer review their Perfumed Jewelry purchase. Yotpo does not contact every buyer only a select few each month so its hard to get thousands of reviews, if you receive a request for a review please provide one as it really helps other potential buyers! 


How long is the included chain?

The chains are 76cm (30 inches) long. We have only the one length at this stage. All our chains are 925 Sterling Silver or Gold & Rose Gold plated to match your pendant


What are the dimensions of your pendants?

The dimensions of our pendants are approximately 20mm in diameter, with each design slightly different - our Prosperity pendant being the smallest and Tranquillity pendant being the largest.


What material are the pendants made from?

The silver pendants are STERLING SILVER - 92.5% silver and the gold and rose gold are 10ct gold platted over 925 Sterling Silver. NICKEL FREE and NO BRASS (unlike other copy companies) We guarantee satisfaction with our product, should you have any questions, please contact us immediately via email, website or Facebook message.


How do I open my Passion, Eternity & Tranquillity?

Firstly you need to remove the chain completely from the bale (the loop the chain goes through) and then if you hold the pendant up you will be able to see a slight notch on one side of the pendant, if you pull this down it will open with the hinge at the bottom. It might be a bit stiff at first but will loosen over time. Once you have placed the Jewelstone inside, you will then be able to close completely and then return the chain to the bale. The chain acts as a safety option so you won't lose your Jewelstone.


Is the perfume real?

YES - We genuinely purchase our perfumes from reputable retailers and perfume suppliers and will never supply our customers with copy scents. We respect the perfume brands by purchasing the genuine product. See our fragrance list.


How long does it last?

Depending on the conditions, the fragrance from each JewelStone™ can be detected for up to one month. The Jewelstone holds the fragrance within the stone indefinitely but it just becomes more subtle but never leaves. You receive a 3 month supply with each Jewelry piece plus a JewelStone™ storage jar. Our worldwide Patented Jewelstone is the heart of Perfumed Jewelry and YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS ANYWHERE ELSE. Normal perfume is hard to detect as soon as 15 minutes after spraying but you will find yourself (throughout the course of each day) holding and enjoying your Perfumed Jewelry fragrance.

Remember; that after a few weeks you may not notice the perfume as you become accustomed to it , but others around you will still enjoy it. We recommend returning your JewelStone™ to the Jewelstone storage jar after wearing, to ensure the fragrance stays fresh and extends the life of the scent.


My favourite perfume is not listed?

After an overwhelming amount of requests we have now added UNSCENTED JEWELSTONES - simply spray your favourite perfume or add a couple of drops of essential oils and our Jewelstone will fragrance your jewelry piece.


Can I add my own Perfume to the Jewelstone?

Yes, you can add your own fragrance to our patented Jewelstone™ As the Jewelstone absorbs your Fragrance we don't recommend mixing fragrances (unless you like 2 together) our Patented Jewelstone holds the fragrance with the stone indefinitely, so it just becomes more subtle but never leaves the stone. Instead consider purchasing new Unscented Jewelstones for each fragrance.

Adding your own scent to the Jewelstone is the easiest way to customise your jewelry just for you, just as everybody is unique, so is their sense of smell and some people are quite sensitive so its quite difficult to 'guess' how much fragrance you will need, a good guide is 1-2 sprays per week on Unscented Jewelstones to keep them fragrant.


Can I buy as a Gift?

Yes - We deliver our purchase confirmation digitally (immediately on checkout) so you can simply add the delivery details for gift recipient. You are welcome to add a Gift Note to the order, type in the 'note' section of checkout.]


How do I order Refills?

Order refills here.

Our refill orders are still presented in our Signature Gift wrapping, but include 6 Jewelstones plus Jewelstone Storage Jar  - a 6 month supply month supply of fragrance!


Free delivery - Worldwide?

Yes! We deliver, free, anywhere in the world.



We recommend you cease wearing if you experience any discomfort from our product. If you are allergic to perfume on your skin, this could be the perfect way for you to wear perfume without it touching your skin or staining your clothes. Our Jewelry contains 925 Sterling silver. None of our products contain Nickel and our gold is a minimum of 10ct as per global Jewelry standards.


Can Perfumed Jewelry be worn by Children?

We do not recommend children under the age of eight having access to our product. Jewelry contains small parts which may present a choking hazard.


Can I order only the Refills?

Yes, you can order Refills only. Order refills here. Your Refills will still be presented in our Signature gift wrapping and enjoy our complementary Worldwide Shipping.


How do I care for my Perfumed Jewelry?



Some PERFUMED JEWELRY items have been plated meaning that a surface coating of another metal has been applied on top of the piece. 

For daily care, the jewelry item should be wiped gently with a soft cloth. Do not polish the item aggressively as it will only serve to wear away the plating. Avoid contact with abrasive or rough surfaces as a scratch can cut through the plated surface. Do not expose to silver polishing liquids and ultrasonic cleaning as they will only serve to remove the plating. With time the plated finish will wear away which is considered normal wear and tear rather than a defect. It is possible for a goldsmith to re-plate the jewelry item.


Corrosion of jewelry occurs under moist or wet conditions, especially when also exposed to warmth and air. Perspiration from jewelry wear is a common cause of corrosion. Jewelry should never be worn in the bath (in water in general), the sauna or when participating in sports.

Do not expose jewelry to contact with make-up, hairspray and creams as they can speed up the tarnishing process.

Avoid exposing your jewelry to household chemicals when cleaning with bleach or ammonia, or when swimming in chlorinated water or salt water, as it can damage the metals.

A rule of thumb is to let jewelry be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you remove in the evening.


Gold and silver are soft metals and become worn with use. This goes for all genuine jewelry. Depending on the degree of use, we recommend that customers have their jewelry checked at least once a year by a goldsmith. It is especially important that clasps, mounts and soldering are checked.


Where else can I purchase Perfumed Jewelry?

ONLY HERE! We offer products exclusively 100% online at the moment, we are exploring retail opportunities in the future however our goal is to make our online experience WORLD CLASS. For convenience, we had added a small selection of products on our eBay store for those that feel more comfortable on that platform -