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T H E    S E C R E T    B E H I N D   T H E   S T O N E has engaged laboratories to manufacture our patented product to provide the correct porosity and mass to hold onto scents for extended periods of time. After experimenting with the ‘delivery’ and ‘duration’ of your favorite scent, we have developed our patented JewelStone™ has refined a manufacturing process that allows each JewelStone™ to absorb and hold fragrance for an extended period of time, far exceeding the standard timespan when perfume is applied to skin or clothing. In ideal conditions (low humidity), each JewelStone™ can hold the scent strongly for up to 28 days and sometimes even longer. Even after 28 days the scent is still noticeable, but more subtle. With 3 JewelStone™ in each gift box this equals up to 3 month supply before needing refills

3 x JewelStone™ included in your purchase