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Perfumed Jewelry - Spa Princess World

Perfumed Jewelry - Spa Princess World

As someone who adores jewelry and has a perfume obsession, discovering the "Perfumed Jewelry" line was almost too good to be true!  

Perfume Jewelry is an Australian jewelry company that combines beautiful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with a unique porous ceramic base "JewelStone™" that, when infused with your favorite perfume or essential oil, creates a scent delivery system that lasts up to 28 days. The JewelStone absorbs and holds the scent molecules, and slowly releases fragrance throughout the day, which means you can still smell the fragrance of your perfume for a much longer time than just spraying it on your skin or clothes. As the scent starts to fade, you simply have to add a little bit more of your favorite scent to the stone to refresh it. 

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