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Anxiety Aromatherapy Jewelry

Anxiety Aromatherapy Jewelry

Majority of us became aware at a very tender age how we instinctively respond to smells, especially the pleasant and pleasing smells such as the fragrance of fresh flowers that refreshes and brightens our mood, the aroma of our favorite food or drink that creates the anticipation and excitement, or the scent of our mother that reinforces a strong bond.

Aromatherapy uses what are called essential oils to connect those instinctive responses and channel them to improve our moods and outlooks. For thousands of years, Aromatherapy has been in use and was first documented by the Egyptians.

Essential Oils

Essential oils or more accurately and appropriately, essence oils are derived from plants, herbs and trees, such as eucalyptus leaves, lavender flowers, sandalwood and cumin seeds. It is widely believed that the oils relax, cleanse, and also helps to control pain. And most importantly, they improve our general well-being.

Aromatherapy infused Perfumed Jewelry are designed in form of bracelets and necklaces and are can be subtly fragranced with essential oils, which allows you to enjoy and diffuse the benefits and aroma of your favorite oils all day long.

Here is an overview and lists of the most commonly used and available types of aromatherapy jewelry in the market today, including some safety considerations and precautions you need to take note.

Locket Style Pendants

These Aromatherapy pendants are made in form of lockets. They are designed in a way that the hinged pendant can be opened and then allow for the placement of our patented Jewelstone that holds a drop of essential oil. The Jewelstone is designed in a way that made it possible for more oil to be replenished as needed. Adding to its wonderful style, Locket-style Aromatherapy pendants are usually designed neatly and beautifully. Also, most of them seem to be safe in the way they dispense the essential oil.

However, when shopping for this type of aromatherapy necklace, I is advisable you a close look at the back of the pendant to ascertain that it is designed in a way to protect your skin from direct contact from the essential oils that you us.

Aromatherapy Necklaces

Perfumed Jewelry's patented Jewelstone is absorbent and will soak up essential oils (or perfume)  that are dripped in it.

Using only the finest quality 925 Sterling Silver and 10ct Gold the range exclusive to Perfumed Jewelry protects the wearer from direct contact with the essential oils. By using genuine precious metals it also protects the wearer from poor quality, allergy inducing jewelry materials. Often other extremely affordable (cheap) jewelry products often only lead to skin reactions of the wearer undermining the purpose of the jewelry. 

 Just as using the finest essential oils are important for successful  Aromatherapy healing it is equally important to ensure the quality of the jewelry the scent is held in. Investing in a Perfumed Jewelry design piece ensures for the future, a lifetime your jewelry is available to be used as healing tool. 

Perfumed Jewelry pieces are artisan designed and are available already permeated with essential oils in our Anxiety Blend, Calming Blend, Happiness & Wellbeing blend but also available Unscented to offer you the option to infuse your essential oils yourself. Giving you 100% certainty on the quality of your essential oils.